Data access to VPN

This article will help you find a necessary information VPN data access about. We are going to review the basic moments:

  1. Where is located all information in client area.

  2. How can you connected by VPN(will present a links on articles.)

When ordering a new service of dedicated server all data access will be sent you to e-mail. However, this information is stored in client area also. Let's watch, where is find this data.


In menu “Services” choose → “My Services”. After that you can see a window with list of services, which you ordered. Choose your server and click to him.




In open window “Manage Product” show all necessary information. After that click on the tab “Additional Information” to see data access to server via IPMI and VPN.


Now you know where find information about access data, however how to connected by VPN to server can check this links:


How to connect by VPN for Windows:

How to connect by VPN for Linux:

  • Email, SSL
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